Kids Bathrobes for 3-12 yrs.

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“We wanted to give the kids the same kind of plush and stylish touch and look that we designed for adults in their model of bathrobes. The one adjustment we made, was to attach the belt to backside of the robe to keep it up whilst the children are running and playing around.” 

  • Size 110 cm for approx. 3-5 yrs.
  • Size 130 cm for approx. 6-9 yrs.
  • Size 150 cm for approx. 10-12 yrs.



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  • Design: LuinSpa Finland
  • Made in: Turkey
  • Material & Quality: 100% soft and absorbent low-twist cotton, 450g/m2
  • Certificate: ÖkoTex, no harmful substances
  • Care instructions:
    • Wash  your towel in 60 degrees before using them to maximize absorbency
    • Please note that the towel may release some lint during the first few washes
    • Use a tumble-dryer  if possible
    • Avoid using fabric softener,  as it reduces the absorbencyle dry



Snow, Sand, Granite


110, 130, 150


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