It all started from a dream to design the best hair towel in the world

LuinSpa story

In the summer of 2013 we saw an interesting e-mail campaign about a towel that was specially designed for hair. The idea of a hair towel seemed very handy as we knew from our own experience how frustrating it is to wrap your hair in a normal towel after a nice shower or bath. The towel feels heavy and tends to drop off. Excited about the idea we thoroughly studied the market and concluded that there is a place for a high-quality hair towel. We decided to design and produce a high quality hair towel that would both look and feel fabulous.

An interesting journey into the world of towels began. We spent over a year in finding the right partner for developing and producing the material for our hair towel. And when we found our partner, from the legendary towel producing town of Denizli in Turkey, we were so delighted and inspired that we decided to design a whole collection of towels from the finest material we had in our hands. And this was just a beginning of our story.

LuinSpa – Your home is your spa

Most of us know how stressful everyday life can be and how important it would be to find at least some time to pamper yourself. LuinSpa was born out of this dream and belief; to bring a touch of spa to your everyday life. For us a touch of spa means a fresh, cosy and relaxed feeling you should be able to reach every day. Today LuinSpa collection is a combination of luxurious towels, stylish home décor products, and innovative and personalized bathing wear that will help you create a luxurious spa feeling in the privacy of your own home. In all our designs we aim for a simple, stylish and modern look.

In addition to pampering touch and modern style, we focus on quality. All materials used in LuinSpa products are carefully selected and of high-quality. Whether it is cotton, wood or candle wax, we do not compromise when it comes to quality. We truly hope you will enjoy our collection and get inspired along with us.

Mari & Noora

Founders & Designers of LuinSpa