It all began with a dream

In the summer of 2013 we saw an interesting online offer about a turban that was specially designed for hair. The idea of a hair towel seemed very handy as we knew from our own experience how frustrating it is to wrap your hair in a normal towel after a nice shower or bath. Considering how brilliant the idea was, we wondered why the hair towel was not already discovered by every woman? We began to dream of a stylish, indulgently soft hair towel, which would dry even the thickest hair. The ambition to design the world’s best hair towel was born.

A story about friendship and togetherness

It is said that friends are the spice of life. The story of Luin Living is based on friendship and togetherness. The brand was founded by two Finnish women, Mari and Noora, whose friendship started in 1999 during shared marketing studies at university. Entrepreneurship was discussed from the very beginning, and a wide range of ideas emerged along the way. Finally in 2013 the idea of a hair towel changed their lives and dream of an own brand started turning into reality.

Daily indulgence for all

The ideology of Luin Living is based on bringing the indulgence to every home and every day. By this feeling we mean a happy, comfortable and relaxed state of mind you generally achieve at spas. We wish to bring a that little bit of luxury to people’s homes and everyday lives.

We find our inspiration from people of all ages by sensing the things that make them happy. Our designs are based on the ordinary situations that all of us face daily in our lives. It is usually the very simplest things that make your everyday special.

Towel material for demanding tastes

When developing our signature towel material, we dreamt of designing the world’s best hair towel – the material had to be luxuriously soft and highly absorbent. The selected material had to be high quality cotton for its natural softness, durability and absorbency. We considered manufacturers around the world and found the right partner for the development and production in Denizli, Turkey, where the selected cotton grows in ideal conditions and has been used for centuries to produce fine home textiles. The luxurious plumpness, low weight and excellent absorbency of the Luin Living Signature towels is achieved by using so-called low twist technology (the cotton has not been twisted, but is naturally soft and highly absorbent) and by our unique Signature way to weave the towel fabric.

Design for all ages

Our lives are often hectic and sometimes we are too busy to enjoy ourselves. As a brand, Luin Living is based on the belief that we all need a little luxury in our lives, things that promote happiness and wellbeing every day. Luin Living’s products are designed for everyday use, for every family member from new-born babies to the elderly. One of our favourite products is the Baby & Cape Towel, the design of which was based on our own experience with babies. We wondered why children’s towels are often so thin, covered in princesses and frogs, and stop being useful the minute the baby starts walking. Admittedly, children’s towels should be fun, but they could still be of the same quality and style as adult towels. At around the same time, we also got the idea for another of our best sellers – the Spa Dress. It would be nice to spend a moment wrapped in a towel after a bath, or in the case of Finland, sauna, and pamper oneself or to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate in peace. In addition to the indulgent material and style, our clever little details, such as the poppers and straps of these products, have been favourably received by users.

Inspiration from customers

Our customers’ stories have inspired several of our product designs. For example, we received requests for an adult poncho almost immediately after our kids poncho range was launched. After the launch of our Spa Dress, in turn, we had to add a couple of more sizes to the range almost immediately to ensure that every woman could own her own spa dress. Children’s bathrobes and slippers were added to the range so that the whole family could enjoy the same luxurious Luin Living feeling. For us, it is important to be in touch with our customers. Each week we spend some time being where our customers are – at trade fairs, in stores and on social media. One of the most memorable stories came from a customer, who had for years tied a towel around her head with a cloth peg after a shower. Our hair towel revolutionized her world and cloth pegs in the bathroom were assigned to history.

Scandinavian design

We Scandinavians love timeless, harmonious and functional design. Simple elegance and uncomplicated beauty are also the bases of Luin Living’s look. We want the visual appearance of our products to be timeless and do not follow passing trends. Instead, we prefer natural colours that are pleasing to the eye every day and are suitable for a variety of interiors. We also add a touch of metallic sheen to our products, because we believe that each of us needs a bit of luxury in our lives every day.

Pleasure for all the senses

Our experiences and memories are created by a mixture of senses; the more senses we use to perceive things, the more intense those experiences seem. The atmosphere of our home is also created by sensory experiences. A small enjoyable moment can be the touch of a soft towel on our skin or the scent of a hand soap reminding us of summer in the middle of winter – or a combination of these two. Candles can be used to give your home an instant warm glow and a relaxing atmosphere. Scented candles and room scents complement the harmony of the senses and create the desired atmosphere for your home.

Cleanly and sustainably

For us Finns, high quality and safety are default values that we are not prepare to compromise on. The quality of our products can be seen in their timelessness, indulgence and absolute safety. Our products have been awarded the Product Class 1 Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate, which tells that the production of our towels has not involved any substances that are considered hazardous to people or the environment, and they are safe even for babies and small children. We select each raw material carefully and make sure that it is as clean as possible, be it candle wax, cotton for towels or a handle for a brush. Our Touch of Spa rugs are made from recycled materials and environmentally sound.