All LuinSpa towels are made from 100% Turkish cotton. Towels are also produced in Turkey, in city of Denizli, which is well-known worldwide for its fine cotton products. Our towels are produced of extra-long staples with a Low-Twist technique, which makes the towels supremely soft and absorbent.

What is the secret behind quality cotton towels?

The most well-known indicator of towel quality is weight. Fabric weight is measured in grams per square metre or GSM, referring to the density of the towel. Generally speaking, the higher the GSM is, the better the quality will be. However, weight or thickness does not automatically determine the quality. Weight matters only if the staples are of premium quality and the right techniques are used to spin and weave the cotton into towel fabric.

What makes LuinSpa towels exquisitely soft and plush but still lightweight?

The quality of the cotton. – LuinSpa towels are made of premium long-staple cotton grown in ideal conditions in Turkey.

Towel manufacturing. The fabric used in LuinSpa towels is woven tailor-made in the Denizli region in Turkey, which has a long history in cotton and home textile manufacturing. LuinSpa towel fabric is woven with a Low-Twist technique where the twisting of the cotton staples is prevented. The staples remain straight and hollow inside, thereby giving the fabric its exceptional softness and absorbency.

The end result: incredible fluffiness and lightness. The weight of our Low-Twist towels is 550 GSM, equalling a typical 700 GSM towel in its weight. In other words, our cotton is of better quality, but the amount used is much less than in a normal towel. Hence, our towels are sumptuously fluffy and soft, but still lightweight and fast-drying. The GSM of our bathrobe is slightly lower than our towels (480) in order for it to feel wonderfully light and comfortable while wearing it.

Why are LuinSpa towels also an eco-friendly and a safe choice?

– Thanks to the Low-Twist method, the amount of cotton used in LuinSpa towels is lower compared to normal towels. Our towels also dry quickly and last a long time.

– Our producer holds the OEKO-TEX® certificate, which means that no harmful substances (for humans or the environment) are used in manufacturing the towels.